Converting Maya FBX Files

Maya is used for a lot of 3D modeling. Modelers frequently save their completed work in a FBX file. FBX is a proprietary format designed by Autodesk (check this). In addition to the model, it contains the textures, rigging, and animation. It is a very convieient format, if you have an appropriate library of other tool to unpack it. Blender is an open-source modeling program. There is an FBX importer in Blender that handles many of the features and variations of the FBX format.

3D Google Cardboard

In a previous post I showed how a scene could be displayed in a browser and viewed stereoscopicly with Google Cardboard. This post describes a more efficient means of creating the display. In both cases, the browser screen is split in half with slightly different viewpoints so the eyes/brain combination views the result with depth.

X3D Anywhere

X3D is the international standard for web-based 3D graphics. The Web3D Consortium has identified X3DOM (http://x3dom.org/) as the prototype example implementation for V4. Below are links to various presentations on X3D/X3DOM.

  • X3D Anywhere given at DevCon5 in Los Angeles on 11 Dec 2013 (available 12 Dec)