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Connecting OGC and Khronos Standards - Call for Proposals

Downtown Kansas City.

Downtown Kansas City. Missouri DIvision of Tourism. Creative Commons

I have been supporting Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) in the Interactive Simulation and Gaming (ISG) Sprints. The Call for Proposals (CfP) for Sprint Year 2 has just been released. Bidders may bid on one to three (possibly more) tasks that fit within the stated guidelines for Scenarios. The stated guidelines include three explicitly defined scenarios.

The emphasis of this sprint is to bring together Standards and APIs defined by OGC and Khronos Group®, in particular integrating glTF™ with CDB. This work will help define the future direction and details of the CDB Standard. This is of particular interest because CDB has used OpenFlight as its modeling format. glTF offers far more capability in terms of appearance and general modeling community support (including Maya and Blender).

The following table was excerpted from OpenFlight - glTF Comparison in the CfP. A full explanation of the features and capabilities can be found in the CfP.

OpenFlight - glTF Feature Comparison Summary
Feature OpenFlight glTF
Animation The means to change geometry and/or appearance of the model over time. There are several sub-types that are listed separately.
Key Frame
Lighting This feature provides lighting for the model and scene. It may or may not illuminate other objects. Subtypes are listed separately.
Glow Lights
Punctual Lights
Image Based Lighting (IBL)
Camera/ Viewpoint



Some of the glTF features are available through extensions. glTF uses Physically Based Rendering (PBR) model. Model lighting is usually achieved through image based lighting (IBL).