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Steroscopic Model Views

Credit: Runner1928. Details

The Models library displays 3D models in your browser, whether it be on your desktop or your phone. It uses the mobile device orientation sensor (built-in) or control the camera position viewing the model. These same features are used to construct a stereoscopic display with separate views for your left and right eyes. It helps to have a simple device like Google Cardboard (pictured at right) to view these images. The stereoscopic view is accessed from a link on the Models collection or individual model page.

When selecting a stereoscopic view, the browser is instructed to create two views of the model - one for each eye. The views are presented side-by-side on the display in such a manner that it appears to your eyes as if you were looking at the "real" object (see image of a kelpie below)r. Motion of your phone is interpreted the same as the monoscopic view. The two camera views (one for each eye) are determined ahead of time based on the model to provide the desired degree of "depth". The Caffeine model illustrates what happens when the parameters are not set correctly. In this case the cameras are picking up information from the other side to create a small portion of the model that appears in certain orientations of the model.

Once the split-screen display has been constructed, you need to view it properly. Some people can cross their eyes in the right manner to see the view stereoscopically. This is not the recommend solution for physiological reasons. There are a number of simple devices that will merge the views for your eyes. Google Cardboard was the first one developed specifically for phones. It came out in the Summer of 2014. As the name implies, it comes folded up looking somewhat like a CD shipping box. It is relatively simple to assemble it into its usable shape. Once assembled your phone goes in the backside and the back gets folded up to hold you phone in-place.

Prior to securing your phone in the case, you need to get the display into VR Viewing mode. For these models. that means going full screen. Touch the text Go Full Screen to do the obvious. It can also help to make sure that the display will remain on during your viewing. That system setting may need adjusting before you go full screen. When you are done viewing, you can exit full screen mode. This is browser-dependent and may be a pull-down from the top or use of a Back button.