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About Daly Realism

Leonard Daly founded Daly Realism in 1996. With his extensive background in Web and other technologies, Leonard Daly developed Daly Realism to handle businesses needs for eBusiness and Business to Business (B2B) transactions, project management, technical strategy development, web development, information visualization, advanced web technologies, and web-based multi-media content.

Daly Realism knows that the key to a successful project is quality management and leadership. To this end Leonard Daly has developed a number of tools with proven success records for assisting in the management of projects.

Web-based 3D multi-media is becoming an important part of many web sites. 3D on the web offers the advantages of seeing the information from a variety of viewpoints in a manner not possible with other media types. Daly Realism edits a newsletter, e3D News, focused on web-based interactive 3D and supports a number of Web3D efforts.