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Leonard Daly has written or contributed to the books and public documents listed below.


  • X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors. Co-authored with Don Brutzman. Morgan-Kaufmann, © 2007.
  • Handbook of Virtual Reality. Stanney, Kay M. editor. Contributed to the chapter 25, "Content Design for Virtual Environments". Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, © 2002.



Public Documents



  • X3D Specifications as Co-Chair and Secretary of the X3D Working Group
    • ISO/IEC 19775-1: Abstract Functionality
    • ISO/IEC 19775-2: SAI Abstract Functionality
    • ISO/IEC 19776-1: XML Encoding
    • ISO/IEC 19776-2: Classic VRML Encoding
    • ISO/IEC 19776-3: Compressed Binary Encoding
    • ISO/IEC 19777-1: ECMAScript (JavaScript) Language Binding
    • ISO/IEC 19777-2: Java Language Binding