Security Blogs

This page contains a listing of blogs about security issues and solutions.

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 17:56

As more information and applications are moving to the cloud, it is necessary to secure all of these against unintended or malicious access. How you choose to protect that information depends on the value of the information to your business. This post looks at a couple of means for protecting your business property that resides in the cloud - standard web access security, username/password authentication, two-factor access, and encoding.

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 17:57

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is made up of two parts. The first part is a scan of the merchant's computer and network systems. The second part is self assessment questionnaire covering twelve items. This post discusses the scanning of the merchant's computer and network.

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 18:16

The rules for handling credit cards are beginning to be enforced by the credit card issuers (e.g., MasterCard). This post describes the compliance process for small businesses.