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Thoughts on Hollywood VR


This is a short rant on Virtual Reality as seen by some people in Hollywood. First, by "Hollywood", I mean the general community of movie directors and producers that have their story to tell and you WILL watch it. They seem to believe that "Reality" means sitting a watching. You don't get to explore, you don't get to push buttons or pull levers, throw the ball, swing a stick, or jump off the roof. Everything that you can do in real life and probably did as a kid. I'm beginning to think they have gotten old already. 

VR is not just seeing the movie in 3D and being able to turn your head. You can go explore and find out what's under the rock or over the hill. It's not just shooting up everything that moves, but at least that has some interaction in it. There are important stories to tell in VR, and the passive media is very important. But there are far more opportunities. VR designers need to define the story environment and the major events. Let the participants find the story, get your audience involved, and the results will be richer and more satisfying.