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Split-Screen Stereographic Rendering in XSeen

Stereographic rendering of the animated glTF Monster

XSeen is a tool for evaluating various features and capabilities of declarative VR/3D languages. It is designed to run in the web browser, be fully integrated with DOM, and look-like HTML. It is taking much from A-Frame and X3D to build an evaluation language that is declarative, DOM integrated, and meets the needs of non-programmer 3D developers. The entire project, including source code and documentation is open source. The project page is at (currently redirects to and includes links to the code and documentation, project description, and online test cases.

The latest release of XSeen (V0.4) includes support for stereographic split-screen rendering. This allows you to use the display with simple stereographic headsets, such as cardboard and Daydream. The image for this article shows a portion of the scene representative of the capabilities. It is a split-screen left-right rendering of the glTF monster. Not shown are the Mono and Stereo buttons for real-time switching between the rendering modes [Animated Scene]

The language is feature rich and declarative. It is not necessary to write code to do most operations. It loads, displays, and interacts with A-Frame, X3D, glTF, COLLADA, and OBJ files. (Note all features are supported in all languages/formats.) The XSeen project was started about three months ago and builds heavily on the work of others includes THREE, TWEEN, X3DOM, and A-Frame.

This is a development release V0.4 and includes many enhancements over V0.3 including navigation, HTML <--> XSeen event handling, and split-screen stereographic display. Earlier releases include support for geometric modeling, appearance and textures, animation (rigged and key-frame), lighting, and environment.

The source code is on GitHub at The documentation is at

I will be leading a Birds of a Feather session - "Discussion on HTML-Like WebVR Language" at SIGGRAPH on Wednesday, 2 Aug at 10AM (room 506). If you are attending SIGGRAPH, please come by and contribute to the discussion.