Split-Screen Stereographic Rendering in XSeen

Stereographic rendering of the animated glTF Monster

XSeen is a tool for evaluating various features and capabilities of declarative VR/3D languages. It is designed to run in the web browser, be fully integrated with DOM, and look-like HTML. It is taking much from A-Frame and X3D to build an evaluation language that is declarative, DOM integrated, and meets the needs of non-programmer 3D developers. The entire project, including source code and documentation is open source. The project page is at http://xseen.org (currently redirects to http://realism.com/xseen) and includes links to the code and documentation, project description, and online test cases.

The latest release of XSeen (V0.4) includes support for stereographic split-screen rendering. This allows you to use the display with simple stereographic headsets, such as cardboard and Daydream. The image for this article shows a portion of the scene representative of the capabilities. It is a split-screen left-right rendering of the glTF monster. Not shown are the Mono and Stereo buttons for real-time switching between the rendering modes [Animated Scene]

The language is feature rich and declarative. It is not necessary to write code to do most operations. It loads, displays, and interacts with A-Frame, X3D, glTF, COLLADA, and OBJ files. (Note all features are supported in all languages/formats.) The XSeen project was started about three months ago and builds heavily on the work of others includes THREE, TWEEN, X3DOM, and A-Frame.

This is a development release V0.4 and includes many enhancements over V0.3 including navigation, HTML <--> XSeen event handling, and split-screen stereographic display. Earlier releases include support for geometric modeling, appearance and textures, animation (rigged and key-frame), lighting, and environment.

The source code is on GitHub at https://github.com/DrX3D/XSeen. The documentation is at http://tools.realism.com/specification/xseen.

I will be leading a Birds of a Feather session - "Discussion on HTML-Like WebVR Language" at SIGGRAPH on Wednesday, 2 Aug at 10AM (room 506). If you are attending SIGGRAPH, please come by and contribute to the discussion.