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Report from SVVR2017

I attended my first Silicon Valley VR Expo last week. It was very different than VRLA. As might be expected, this one is more focused on tech; though there were plenty of content discussions. Fortunately, the expo floor was not as loud as VRLA and I had many conversations with vendors.

There was much discussion as to what Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, and even Reality meant. In Tony Parisi's keynote presentation, he stated "What is reality when in 140 characters, you can question the institutions of our society." There was no conclusive agreement on these various terms. It is recognized that this is a continuum and not discrete boxes with various "... Reality" labels.

Most of the presentations and products were based on downloaded executables for the desktop, phone, or console. There was 3/4-day discussion on web-based VR. There was one panel and several presetations on various aspects of web-based VR, including language requirements, A-Frame, and the capabilites of VR adult entertainment.

I made a presentation during that session on "Enterprise Requirements for Declarative VR". The presentation focused on what is necessary to include in a declarative language for VR that runs in a web browser - like HTML runs inside a web browser. In the presentation I compared X3DOM and A-Frame to the requirements and found neither one fulfilled what is needed. However, both are close enough that a merge of the two will handle the job. Over the next few weeks I will discuss specific real-world applications and what that implies for a future language.