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Declaractive 3D Goals

In starting any new effort, it is important to identify the goals of the project. Goals are important because they provide a focus for the most desired outcome. They are not necessarily the destination of a project, as there are a number of factors that may limit (or expand) the initial goals.

I am working on developing the standard for the next generation of declarative 3D graphics. The current version is called X3D. At this time that name I am using for this is X3D V4. Final naming is not up to me.

My current goals for this standard are listed below. If you wish to comment on them, please respond on the X3D Evolution forum or this specific topic.

  1. Very long life to support physical objects with long lifespans (e.g., industrial & transportation facilities)
  2. Runs directly in browser without the need for plug-ins
  3. Not required to run in a browser
  4. Compatible with existing X3D V3.3 standard
    Note that this does not require full backwards compatibility; but the ability to handle pre V4 content, perhaps with a converter.
  5. Allows for creation, storage, and use of content in a manner consistent with current and anticipated future practices
  6. Runs on as wide of variety as possible of devices capable of displaying 3D content