XSeen Examples

The importance of examples in learning a new language cannot be overstated. This section contains illustrative examples of using XSeen. As has been discussed there are a number of similarities between XSeen and A-Frame and X3D. These will be obvious in the examples. It is possible to intermix tags from each language in a manner that makes sense.

Integrating X3D into DOM - Case Sensitivity

The X3D language uses mixed case node and field names. In some cases field values are specified as case-specific names. This is standard XML. HTML allows for any case and converts tags and attribute names to lower case before use. The HTML language does not impose specific case requirements on attribute values. XHTML is XML-based, so it is case sensitive; however, all tag and attribute names are defined as lowercase.

XSeen License

XSeen is comprised of the Documentation including the Language Specification and the Internals Document. It is ©2017 by Daly Realism and licensed as Creative Commons Sharealike (CC BY SA).

XSeen Test Cases

This page is deprecated. It only applies to XSeen V0.4. XSeen V0.5 is in the process of being released.


These are test case examples used to verify continued correct operation during the development of XSeen. Each example displays in an overlay window. Click on the red border to close the example. This is not scaled for operation on small displays.