Shape Resource Container (SRC)



Section Descriptions

  • Foreword provides background on the standards process for SRC.
  • Introduction describes the purpose, design criteria, and functional characteristics of SRC.

The following clauses define Part 1 of ISO/IEC nnnnn

  1. Scope defines the problem area that SRC addresses.
  2. Normative references lists the normative standards referenced in this part of ISO/IEC nnnnn.
  3. Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations contains the glossary of terminology used in this part of ISO/IEC nnnnn.
  4. Concepts describes the workings of the SRC system.
  5. Format describes the layout of a SRC file.

There are several annexes include in the specification:

  1. (Normative) TBD to be determined.
  2. (Informative) TBD to be determined.
  • Bibliography lists the informative, non-standard topics referenced in this part of ISO/IEC nnnnn.