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Cloud Computing Opportunities

Various connections to the Internet cloud.Cloud computing offers small and medium businesses (SMB) many opportunities to reduce computing costs and improve their internal computing operations. The attached file contains the slides from a presentation I made to a group of SMB executives. The discussion below is my slide-by-slide notes.

Passwords and Hacking (Part 1)

How many accounts do you have – one, five, ten, twenty or more? There are accounts for email, online banking, games, shopping, retirement, entertainment, Facebook, work, networking, blogging, and others. Many of these categories have multiple accounts. You know that you should use complex passwords, but complex passwords are hard to remember so you reuse the same password for many of these accounts. You are not alone.

Phishing with Email

Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers have had anti-fishing mechanism for a couple of years. These browsers prevent users from going to know phishing sites unless each site is specifically approved. Crackers have found a method to bypass browser security by using email.

Automatic Likes on Facebook

Faebook 'Like' buttonFacebook allows you to "like" a page, post, picture, or almost anything else. When you like a page, a notice gets posted to your wall. This applies to both Facebook and external pages. Facebook also gives external page authors a widget to add to their page that makes liking the page easy. When you click on that widget, Facebook records that fact, puts a notice on your wall and increments the 'like' counter for that page.

Secure in Public?

Your tired and tired of working in your office, so you head down to the nicest Starbucks in your area to get a coffee. The shop has got a few other people in it like you - waking up from a low point in the afternoon. You notice that several of the people have laptops, but there is a nice table near an outlet so you can plug in if you need it.

Security in the Cloud

As more information and applications are moving to the cloud, it is necessary to secure all of these against unintended or malicious access. How you choose to protect that information depends on the value of the information to your business. This post looks at a couple of means for protecting your business property that resides in the cloud - standard web access security, username/password authentication, two-factor access, and encoding.

PCI Scanning

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is made up of two parts. The first part is a scan of the merchant's computer and network systems. The second part is self assessment questionnaire covering twelve items. This post discusses the scanning of the merchant's computer and network.